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What is a great workplace to you? Is it working with people you trust and enjoy being around? Is it a place where people give their personal best every day? We hope that these are some of the qualities you look for in a great workplace because these are the same qualities we look for in our staff!

At Hessel Group, we like to think we are a family and that every staff member is part of that family. We are all working towards the same goals and it is great that we can do that together! If you want to be part of a strong, supportive culture, then Hessel Group may be the company for you.

We are serious about getting the right people on board because the work that you will do is so important. Dependent on your experience you will have opportunities to provide care and support to families and children or support to people living with a disability.

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Why should you join our team?

Integrity. Empathy. Quality.

Working with us will provide you with the flexibility to choose your hours, with work available 24/7. At Hessel Group we are here to support you, whether it’s within your day to day role or providing you with access to industry specific resources and training.

We care about our staff, whether you are employed by us or a contractor.



Hessel Group has roles available working with children and young people in caring roles both within family homes and in care. If you are thinking about working with children and young people, understand the social and emotional development of this age group, then this may be the job for you.



With Hessel Group you can also work with individuals living with a disability of all ages. Depending on your experience you may want to focus on early childhood and young people, or you may have a passion working with adults, it is up to you. As a National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider, we support people from the age of 0 to 64 years of age.

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