Hessel Group Training Organisation (Hessel GTO) makes it simple for businesses to take on trainees. Whether you need to fill a skills gap, meet peak workloads or manage seasonal variations, we can help.

We specialise in managing traineeships for the social care sector including aged care, disability care, home and community living and early childhood education and care. Proudly employing trainees and placing them with host employers to ensure their training and career success.

What is a Group Training Organisation?

As a Group Training Organisation (GTO), we employ trainees and place them with different organisations on a short or long-term basis. We take care of the employer's contractual and administrative responsibilities, including recruitment and providing support with work and training for both the trainee and the host employer.

We help businesses fill skill gaps and trainees to make a successful transition into the workforce.

Hessel GTO:

  • Advertise, screen, interview and select the trainee with your input
  • Arrange the training provider and manage all the government paperwork for the traineeship
  • Provide a dedicated field office to provide support throughout the process

For Host Employers

Hessel GTO have trainees available now, ready to help your business. We specialise in the selection, recruitment and placement of trainees in the social care sector. Whether you need a short term trainee to fill a skills gap or a long term option, we can select a quality trainee who is the right fit for your business.

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Benefits for businesses:

  • Trainees are ready to earn and learn - so you can spend less time and effort on recruitment
  • Ability to scale your workforce with short and long-term hire options
  • Reduced personnel administration costs
  • Quality assured. The Hessel GTO program is fully accredited with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations
  • Providing employment opportunities for skilled workers within the industry

3 reasons to hire a Trainee

Three reason why you should hire a Trainee through Hessel Group Training Organisation (GTO).


For Trainees

Earn while you learn with Hessel GTO. Get valuable, hands-on experience as a trainee while you study.

How does it work?

We will employ you as a trainee and find a host organisation for you to complete your on-the-job training. Our strong industry partnerships mean you can be confident that you will receive excellent opportunities from organisations looking to grow their staffing pipelines.

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Benefits for trainees:

  • Earning an income while training and gaining experience in the field
  • Confidence that you will be placed with a quality organisation
  • All round support from Hessel GTO, your Host Employer, your RTO and government agencies.

Available Traineeships

We specialise in traineeships for the social care sector. Hessel Group has been providing training and education for the social care and early childhood education sectors since 1998. During this time we have developed strong partnerships with industry-leading employers. We’ll support you throughout your traineeship and connect you with the most sought after employers in the industry.

About Hessel GTO

Hessel Group has been providing care and training for South Australians since 1998. We are proud to now offer Group Training services to help trainees succeed in their social care careers and businesses to experience the benefits of trainees without the administrative overheads.

Learn more about who we are and why you should partner with Hessel GTO.

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