Allied Health & Behaviour Support Services

Therapy and support in your home, our clinic or the community.
At Hessel, we strive to give people the best possible chance to live their best lives and be valued members of the community through client-centred care. We provide therapy and support for people and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, intellectual, physical and neurological disabilities, psychological conditions and challenging behaviours.
You are the expert in your, or your loved one’s, needs, and we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our experienced team of Allied Health therapists and clinicians will tailor your care and support to suit you, including where and how it is delivered. We offer our full suite of services in a range of settings, including in our facilities, in your home, and in community settings.

Allied Health Services

Our Allied Health therapists provide a range of services to children and adults to help them live more independently and be more connected to their community. The Hessel Group is an NDIS Approved Provider for a range of Allied Health services, including positive behaviour support (PBS), psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, early intervention behaviour support, developmental education, social work and support coordination.

Your needs are at the centre of everything we do. We work with you to tailor a care plan specific to your situation. When you choose to work with us, we start by taking the time to understand your challenges, goals, and circumstances. From there, we will create a tailored therapy and support plan, and identify the best clinicians for you.

In addition to Allied Health therapies, we can support your NDIS plan with assistive technology, home modifications, and improved daily living assessments. As you progress and your needs change, we will provide ongoing recommendations for your care and your NDIS plan.

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Disability Support

Our Disability Support Workers are here to provide a helping hand so that you can continue to live independently in your own home and keep doing the things you enjoy. We offer a wide range of services to assist children and adults living with a disability including, assistance with daily living, household tasks and community activities. Our highly skilled team will take the time to understand your needs, create a tailor-made care plan and match you with the right Support Worker from our team.

Our Team

Our friendly team of Allied Health professionals are dedicated and passionate about your care. They provide quality psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, positive behaviour support (PBS), early intervention behaviour support, and developmental education services to children and adults.

Our therapists are equipped to provide Allied Health services in a range of settings, whether in your home, in mainstream and specialist schools, early learning centres, residential aged care facilities, or our clinic.

We are proud to attract South Australia’s leading therapists to our team. Each of our therapists is highly qualified and committed to client-centred care and seeing their clients achieve their goals. Together they form a diverse and experienced team, with an exceptional collective knowledge to draw from, to ensure you get the best care and support.

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