Hessel Group - Complaint and Grievance Policy

The Hessel group views resolution of a constructive and valid grievance or complaint as a way of improving our organisation.

The receipt of a grievance or complaint is an opportunity for improvement and the organisation will listen to all complaints or grievances with an open mind.

In the first instance, all attempts will be made to resolve the complaint through informal discussions. If required, the formal complaints process will be implemented.

We will respond to all grievance or complaints and all reasonable measures will be taken to finalise the process.

The confidentiality of all parties to the process will be maintained as per our policy.

If you require a copy of our Grievance and Complaints Policy, please contact our reception. A written acknowledgment of receiving a formal grievance or complaint will be sent to the individual.

The Hessel Group will undertake to investigate the grievance or complaint within 10 working days and advise the complainant of the outcome within 5 working days.

Alternatively, grievance or complaints in relation to NDIS can be directed to the NDIS Commissioner via 1800 035 544 or ndiscommission.gov.au

NDIS complaints may be made orally, in writing or by any other means which is appropriate in the circumstances; and may be made anonymously.