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Hessel Group Services Price List

* Effective 4th August 2022


Babysitting services have a minimum of 3 hours booking. All prices include GST.

Normal Rate (per hour)Public Holiday (per hour)
Cancellation less than 3hrs notice$70


CRECHE (Under Childcare award)

Creche services have a resource and equipment charge which will appear in the official quote and is dependent on the scale and activities. All prices include GST.

Normal Rate (per hour)

Public Holiday (per hour)
Cert. III and below$60.50$119.90
Cancellation less than 30 days noticeNo refund of 20% deposit

Third Party

All prices include GST.

TypeRate (per hour)
Weekday AM Active shift
(0600 to 2000hours)
Weekday PM Active shift
(2000 to 0600hours)
Weekday Passive
(2200 to 0600 hours)
Weekend Active$90.20
Weekend Passive
(2200 to 0600 hours)
Public Holiday Active$127.60
Public Holiday Passive
(2200 to 0600 hours)
Cancellation less than 3hrs notice$70 Weekday / $100 Weekend

Core Supports NDIS Price List

All prices include GST.

DayStandard Needs/per hrTTP/per hr
Monday to Friday
6 am to 8 pm
8 pm to Midnight
Midnight to 6 am


Saturday 12 am to 11:59 pm$87.51$83.89
Sunday 12 am to 11:59 pm$112.85$107.99
Public Holidays$138.20$132.09
Passive Sleepover
Monday to Sunday 10 pm to 6 am
Standard Rate $262.16

• Evening is where the support finishes after 8 pm and before 12 midnight, where the evening rate applies to the entire shift
• Active hours preceding, and during the following passive sleepovers are charged at relevant applicable rates

Service Price List

Prices as of 1 Feb 2022. All prices include GST. Download the Service Price List for more info.

ServiceHourly Rate
Positive Behaviour Support$193.99 to $234.83
Early Intervention Behaviour Support$86.79 to $193.99
Occupational Therapy
Developmental Educator
Speech Therapy
Social Worker
Physiotherapy$166.99 to $224.62
Support Coordination$100.14 to $190.54

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