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Entry into Care Roles Skill Set CHCSS00114

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Course Overview

Want to gain the skills and knowledge required to provide support for basic client care within entry-level aged care and disability support sectors?

Provide in client care which will be predominantly non-direct, with some basic direct client care.

Australia’s aged care and disability support sectors will care for an increasing number of Australians in the coming decades. As the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for skilled workers in human services care occupations is expected to increase by more than 100,000 employees in the next five years.

The new Entry into Care Roles Skill Set has been developed under the leadership of the Human Services Care Skills Organisation Pilot to provide job seekers with entry level skills to start working immediately in these sectors. Find out more about this skill set below.

This skill set will provide the immediate skills required to work in the aged care or disability support sectors and a pathway to a meaningful, long-term career. These sectors will continue to need skilled workers into the future and this skill set will establish a strong foundation for a range of future jobs in the care and support workforce.

This skill set responds to an industry need as a result of COVID-19 and is time limited to the pandemic and recovery phase.