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What is the role of Developmental Educators?

In our complex and evolving educational landscape, the role of educators who specialise in addressing the needs of students with diverse abilities and challenges has never been more important.

A Developmental Educator (DE) specialises in supporting and teaching individuals with developmental and intellectual challenges. Their work often involves tailoring education to accommodate individual needs, ensuring that every person, regardless of their challenges, has an opportunity to learn, grow and participate in their community.

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Core Responsibilities

  • Assessment: One of the primary roles of a developmental educator is to assess the abilities, needs, and challenges of their participants. This involves understanding their developmental levels, learning styles, strengths and areas that need enhancement.
  • Individualised Planning: Based on their assessments, Developmental Educators createindividualised education plans (IEPs) or similar tools tailored to each participant's needs.
  • Teaching: Using specialised techniques, Developmental Educators teach academic skills, life skills, social skills, and more to students, ensuring the content is appropriate for their developmental level.
  • Collaboration: They often collaborate with a team of professionals, including speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, to ensure holistic development.

The Impact of Developmental Educators

  • Inclusion: Their work ensures that individuals with developmental challenges are included in the broader community, breaking down barriers and fostering a culture of acceptance.
  • Empowerment: By focusing on individual strengths and teaching critical life skills, developmental educators empower their students to lead independent and fulfilling lives.
  • Family Support: Developmental educators often act as resources for families, providing them with strategies and tools to support their loved ones.

Where do Developmental Educator Work?

While many developmental educators work in schools, their services are not limited to educational institutions as many participants are now adults. DE's can also be found in:

  • Specialised schools or classrooms
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Community service agencies
  • Residential care facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Allied health clinics such as Hessel Group's in Fullarton and Welland.


Age Range

People of all ages are eligible to have this service.


You may either choose to have these sessions in-clinic or anywhere within the community (e.g., your home).



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