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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists have long been integral service providers for people living with a disability. With expertise in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and motor development, physiotherapists deliver a wide array of treatment modalities to improve a person’s ability to move and function.

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Who can access Physiotherapy?

Our Physiotherapists work with people of all ages and abilities across their entire lifespans. As an approved NDIS provider, we are able to provide tailored and individualised Physiotherapy to clients presenting with the following: Global developmental delay (GDD) and other developmental disorders. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).Neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.Intellectual disability, including Down syndrome. Acquired/traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI).Orthopaedic/musculoskeletal conditions, including chronic pain and post-surgery rehabilitation.

What does Physiotherapy at Hessel Group look like?

Physiotherapists at Hessel Group specialise in the assessment and treatment of clients presenting with a disability that affects their physical functioning. We provide goal-focused paediatric physiotherapy services for children and adolescents who require support with their development. Treatment and management strategies in this area include:

  • Play-based intervention programs focused on promoting movement in a meaningful way.
  • Exercise therapy aims to improve gross motor skills, coordination, strength, and balance.
  • Home exercise programs and parent/carer education to increase the child’s participation in everyday activities, such as going to school, playing, and being part of the community.

Hessel Group’s physiotherapists also work closely with adults living with a disability to improve their physical functioning and independence. This involves thoroughly assessing a client’s functioning and collaboratively establishing goals to work towards. Treatment and management strategies for adults vary based on each client’s needs and generally include the following:

  • Supervised and tailored exercise therapy sessions to improve strength, mobility, and balance.
  • Provision of assistive technology and mobility aids to maximise functional independence.
  • Assistance with optimising transfers, manual handling, and community access.
  • Promoting engagement and participation in activities that are meaningful to each participant.

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Treatment Plan

A Physiotherapy treatment plan will present you with a range of possible solutions, e.g. a clear action plan of exercises or equipment and assistive technology to correct the alignment of muscles or posture.

How long are the sessions?

Therapy sessions are typically 1 hour long and can occur as frequently as required. In most cases, sessions are weekly or fortnightly, with the capacity to set up periodic reviews throughout a client’s NDIS plan. Physiotherapy sessions can be undertaken in an appropriate setting in the clinic, a client’s home, an educational facility, a workplace, or within the community.


Age Range

People of all ages are eligible to have this service.


You may have these sessions in our clinic (Welland and Fullarton), the client’s home, educational facility or workplace.



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