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HG Disability Support 6

"Hi all, This week's SHOUT OUT is for Tyrone. You have been nominated by your peers for your immense patience, willingness to learn and can do attitude. You are always willing to help others and work as a team. Tyrone you should be very proud of what you have accomplished is such a short time in your traineeship. You are appreciated and recognised for your hard work and contribution towards the Gums team. Congratulations a box of chocolates is waiting for you when you are next on shift. Team Gums, please keep the nominations coming and make sure you take a moment to recognise others around you.👏"

SACARE Internal email from Hessel GTO Trainee Tryone's Host Supervisor (Team Leader) Jo Hackett.

Earn While You Learn

Are you considering a career in the social care sector? Working with children, people with a disability or caring for the elderly is an essential service industry requiring people who are skilled, qualified, experienced and always willing to learn and grow.

Hessel GTO allows you to gain nationally recognised qualifications and work in the industry as a trainee gaining invaluable experience and insight while being paid as you learn.

How Will Your Recruiting Process Work?

From the first enquiry with Hessel GTO, you will be assigned a Field Officer who will assist you at every step. Your Field Officer will match you to a suitable organisation for your learn-on-the-job traineeship. Together you will establish a study plan meet your trainer for the registered training organisation (RTO) and sign a training contract. You will also have access to a range of tools to help you through the traineeship and beyond.

Your Field Officer will be on hand to help with any advice or create some strategies to navigate any of life's hurdles that may arise throughout your traineeship.

Hessel Group is committed to building a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. We highly encourage applications from people who identify as a part of the Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community.

Hear From a GTO Trainee

As partners of Fresh 92.7 FreshJobs we recently talked with breakfast team, Johnny and Davo. Follow the link above to listen how about how the Hessel GTO works with trainees and host employers. Emily is a Hessel GTO Trainee studying a Certificate III in Individual Support - Disability and completing her on-the-job traineeship with SACARE.

Fresh Jobs
Davo from Fresh92.7, Hessel GTO Field Officer Chloe Brake, Hessel GTO Trainee Emily and Johnny from Fresh92.7 on the Breaky Show.
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Your Training Contract

Hessel GTO and the trainee must agree to a training contract and training plan before training can start. If the trainee is under 18, their parent or guardian must also agree. A training contract is a legally binding document that is agreed between Hessel GTO and the trainee.

A training contract covers:

  • the length of the traineeship (12 or 24 months)
  • details of the registered training organisation (RTO) delivering the training
  • the qualification to be obtained
  • employment arrangements and industrial award

The training contract must be lodged with an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP).

Your Training Plan

A training plan is part of the training arrangement and is negotiated and developed between Hessel GTO, the trainee and the RTO. The training contract cannot be approved until the training plan has been submitted to the Department for Innovation and Skills, South Australian Government. Your host employer may also have input with request for specialised elective units that would suit their organisation better.

The training plan provides:

  • the core and elective units the trainee will do as part of their qualification
  • the training provider who will be delivering the training
  • where and when the training will occur

Your Accredited Training & Qualifications

You can undergo your training with an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) of your choice or your host employer’s recommendation. Hessel GTO traineeships support the below accredited courses, however further courses can be sourced subject to requirements. Speak with your Field Officer today about your training options.

Laura thrived under a traineeship. The opportunity to have mentorship in the workplace and through the GTO as well as theory and skill support with myself enabled Laura to flourish quickly and engage in practices required to become a competent educator in Early Childhood. It has been wonderful to see Laura take risks as a learner and challenge herself throughout. Laura has a gentle, nurturing and consistent approach with children and families and she is an asset to the Early Childhood sector.

Rebecca Hughes, Lead Trainer Enhance Training

Viktoria Reaches the Half Way Mark of Her Traineeship


Hessel GTO Trainee, Viktoria Knight has been studying a Certificate III in Business Administration and is at the halfway mark of her on-the-job training with Enhance Training RTO 40387. Below, Viktoria shares her traineeship experience so far:

The Traineeship Experience

When I first started, I didn’t have many expectations of the role I would be doing, or the studying side of the traineeship. I was just happy to be employed during COVID-19, while also being paid and well supported to study.

The first few weeks of the traineeship were incredible. I was introduced to the role, my co-workers, who provided me with the starting information, the background of the company, and where we plan on taking my role as the trainee. I also sat down 1 on 1 with my Trainer from Qualify Training RTO 41114 and we outlined what I would be doing, the catch-ups, when to contact each other, and the support options if I required them.

We spoke about performance levels and what was expected of me while I studied. From there, I knew I could contact my trainer when I needed support or had any questions.

A few months into the traineeship, I was provided with more of a workload. This was incredible, it helped me figure out how to better my time management skills, act professionally and how to clearly communicate what I was doing with my co-workers.

My Thoughts So Far

Being 6 months into the amazing traineeship, I look back at my progress on how far I have come, and it puts a smile on my face. Starting this role, I was terrified to answer the phone, now it is one of my best qualities. I have excellent ongoing support from my work colleagues and trainer to complete my traineeship.

I can work in different areas across the business and handle more of a heavier workload, to when I first started when I wasn’t as confident in what I was doing. I understand when a task needs to be done and meet deadlines. It’s amazing how quickly you learn and grow when you put in the effort. To get the results you must work hard and want to be successful.

Final Words

I would recommend a traineeship with the Hessel GTO to anyone who is unsure about the field they are looking for. It is so beneficial, and you are supported by everyone within the company and your trainer. It goes for 12 months and that time flies by.


USI (Unique Student Identifier)

You need a USI to apply as a trainee. If you don’t have one, apply for a USI here.

TFN (Tax File Number)

Do you have a TFN? You can apply directly through the ATO website here.

Working with Children Check

You can apply and find further information here.

NDIS Worker Check

You can apply and find further information here.

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