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How does Hessel GTO help your business?

Hessel GTO provides businesses with a low-risk solution to building a skilled, motivated and committed workforce.

When you become a host employer with Hessel GTO, the trainee remains Hessel GTO’s responsibility all your business needs to do is supervise their day-to-day activities and provide on-the-job training and development.

How does Hessel GTO Work?

Hessel GTO is responsible for recruiting and placing suitable trainees to the host employer, managing their training commitments and administration requirements. Hessel GTO ensures all enterprise agreements, awards, pay rates and entitlements are met as part of the GTO’s legal responsibility to the trainee. We focus on the trainee and you can focus more time on your business.

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Testimonial from Australian Childcare Alliance SA

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Hessel GTO's responsibilities to the trainee includes:

  • Pay rates and entitlements (PAYG, superannuation, annual leave, etc.)
  • Advertising Trainee positions
  • Screening Trainees
  • ReturnToWork
  • Required safety clothing and accessories
  • Registered Training Organisation enrolment & monitoring
  • Registration of the training contract

Trainee work duration and your support

Trainees can remain with your business for as long as required, it may be a short-term solution to meet a skills gap or longer term option. Partnering with Hessel GTO provides ease, flexibility and reassurance.

Host employers will be assigned a Hessel GTO Field Officer to provide support and direction through the entire process. There are government incentives available now for organisations who take on a trainee including possible wage subsidies.

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