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Enhance Training Study Modes

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At Enhance Training we offer a variety of different study modes for you to find the best approach to suit your lifestyle. Everybody learns differently, that is why we offer you flexibility in your approach.

Studying Internally

This is a classroom based option, with a face to face learning environment lead by your trainer. This mode allows you to share your learning experience with other students. Learning with others will keep you motivated and on track. You will also be able to participate in group activities and discussions, enhancing your study.

Recently left school? This can be a natural progression for you as it is a similar learning environment. It is also a preferred method for those returning to study after many years or may be your first time in the classroom.

Have a chat to us when enrolling about internal studies, as it is a more structured study mode with fixed schedules and will require a level of commitment.

Our classes are held at Fullarton and where appropriate, classes may also be held in various locations throughout Adelaide.

Studying Externally

So, you are thinking of studying externally? This is a great choice if a class-based structure doesn’t work for you. As a more independent method of training you will have the flexibility to study when it suits you and your schedule. You will still be required to complete work within agreed time frames requiring you to manage your workload around your lifestyle and commitments.

Our trainers are focused on ensuring you meet your educational outcomes and will support you throughout your training via phone, email or face to face appointments.

Blended Study

Would you like to study externally and still maintain a level of face to face interaction when you need it most? Then a blended study mode of external and internal might suit you best. In addition to your home studies, we are able to offer you some face to face sessions.

Enrol in 4 Simple Steps!

We believe in keeping things simple, and our enrolment process is no exception. It is a simple four-step process starting with an online form. Our enrolments team are just a phone call away and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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