Our Enhance Training Team

Administration & Support

Shona Lee Payne
Training & Project Officer

“What I love most about my role is organising our Early childhood, Safe Environments and Disability courses and supporting students to gain qualifications and employment in these wonderful sectors within our community”

Shona has been employed with Enhance Training since 2010. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood, Certificate IV in Business Administration and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Having been a Childcare Centre Director prior to joining Enhance training, Shona shares her expertise and industry knowledge to coordinate our Training programs, engage with industry partners as well as providing advice and assessing student suitability into the RTO’s courses.

Shona has also extensive experience within the other divisions of the RTO including: Administration, Compliance, student support, and as an Early Childhood Trainer and Assessor.

Andrea Charteris
Compliance Officer

“While my role sounds dry, controlling risks, managing compliance and solving problems is the sort of challenge I thrive on. My work is all about supporting the people working with our learners and clients to provide quality training and services.”

Andrea has been with the Hessel Group since mid-2017, starting with RTO Compliance for Enhance Training and then expanding her compliance role to include the Care and Support Team. Having held various management and consulting roles within the Vocational Education and Training and Business sectors for longer than she would like to admit to, Andrea has the Bachelor of Teaching (Education and Training of Adults) and qualifications in management, human resources management and organisational psychology.

Toni Romano
Training Administrator

“I love being in the training environment and knowing that I play a critical part in a student’s learning journey brings me great satisfaction. Working with everyone in the team provides me a good understanding of the intricacies of an RTO not only as a business but also from a student’s perspective in considering the right courses to embark in.“

Toni has been with Enhance Training since 2016. A highly experienced administrator in the RTO world, Toni has had experiences with RTOs in the hospitality, nursing and aged/disability industries. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Human resources, a Cert IV in Business as well as a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Toni handles the daily administrative operations of Enhance Training and is usually the first point of contact for students and enrolments.

Chloe Brake
Hessel GTO Field Officer

Field Officers are our connectors.

They form partnerships with host employers, registered training organisations and governments all to support our trainees.

Chloe has been instrumental in the launch of Hessel GTO and is looking forward to meeting with our stakeholders and trainees. With a strong background in account and project management, service delivery and education, Chloe is excited about playing her role in boosting employment opportunities in the social care sector for South Australia.

Azadeh Wilson

“I have a background in Psychology and Information Technology and have recently moved back to Adelaide from Sydney. I’ve worked in various fields, but my passion lies in supporting people from a range of ages, diverse backgrounds, and cultures by harnessing their strengths and providing the resources they need to succeed in life.”

“In my spare time, if I get any, I love to craft and paint. Currently, I’m in the office on Tuesdays through Thursday and my email address is: azadeh@enchancetraining.org if you want to contact me.”

Christian Lucas

“Pursuing my passion of working with people, I thought Hessel group would be the perfect opportunity. I have experience in government and employment services and am now branching out into other areas.”

“My background qualification includes Criminology & Mental Health. I hold a strong passion for helping people and influencing their lives. I look forward to working alongside the team at Enhanced Training!”


All of the RTO’s trainers have both industry qualifications and trainers’ qualifications, which also includes foundation skill sets which help in their training approach especially for new entrants into the industry. Regular industry Professional Development and engagement is also key to the trainers role at Enhance Training.

Rebecca Hughes
Lead Trainer & Assessor

“I am a passionate trainer who is very supportive to my students. My goal is for my students to become inspirational, knowledgeable and unique educators that will place imprints on each child’s future.”

Rebecca comes with intensive knowledge in the Early Education industry, having worked as an educator in childcare centres for the past 10 years. She plays a critical part in the Enhance Training team since she started in 2017 and is constantly looking to grow in the organisation and implementing best practices for the students. She is currently completing her Bachelor in Education specialising in Early Childhood, having already completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care as well as her Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Hemamalini Thamodarar
Early Childhood Trainer & Assessor

“I enjoy applying a wide variety of strategies based on essential educational principles encompassing cognitive functioning, learning theory, diversity issues, curriculum-based planning and assessment. My goal is to promote positive learning, spark enthusiasm for learning and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning for my students.”

Hema has years of industry experience working with children in child care, family day care, play group and OSHC both as an educator and coordinator. Her journey as a trainer and assessor started in 2015 after being a director of a preschool. She joined the Enhance Training team in 2017, and her qualifications include a Masters in Business Administration, Diploma in Early Childhood, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, as well as a Cert III in individual Support (Disability).

Melinda Averis
Individual Support Trainer & Assessor

“What I love about my role is working with students from diverse backgrounds, seeing my class bond, work together and adopt high quality care practices for clients”

Melinda has worked in the Health Care Industry for over 25 years, including roles in Leisure and Health, Community Coordination and management of Respite Services. Her background in Nursing and roles as an enrolled Nurse provides her with the experience, and this can be seen in her delivery of the units. She joined the team in 2018 after a successful stint at a local Group Training Organisation. Her other qualifications include a Diploma in Community Services, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert IV Mental Health, Cert IV Leisure and Health, and a Cert III in Individual Support.

Learner Support Services

Learner Support Services (LSS) provides individualised support to students with barriers to training through a case management model.

LSS aims to increase completions of vocational education and training (VET) courses by students with complex support needs and assist students to transition to further study or employment. LSS assists students to stay in training and complete their qualification by:

• helping them to navigate the training system

• addressing life issues interfering with training

• addressing study skill support needs

• obtaining supports available in the community

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