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Refund Policy

Hessel Group

The Hessel Group complies with The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and provides the following principles for a refund:

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.

If we fail to provide the service agreed upon ie: date, time and service, you are eligible for a refund.   If the service is in dispute, you are required to contact the office as soon as possible on 08 8462 0222 and if eligible for a refund, this will be processed within 24 hours.


Enhance training

1. Purpose

Enhance Training is committed to providing quality training and assessment in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs 2015). As such, Enhance Training is required to have and provide detail of a fair and reasonable refund process.
The purpose of this policy is to provide for the appropriate handling of client refunds.

2. Policy Statement

Enhance Training is committed to ensuring fair and reasonable refund practices.
Enhance Training will:
• Implement and maintain a process for fair and reasonable refund of fees paid; and
• Provide refunds for fees and charges paid by individuals/ clients, where training and assessment activities have not been delivered.

3. Policy Principles

The following principles underpin this policy.

  1. Details of Enhance Training Refund Policy are publicly available.
  2. Payment of all refunds is made within one week (seven days) of application for refund.
  3. With regard to all withdrawals, Enhance Training will firstly encourage a client to enrol on another course date, prior to processing refund applications.
  4. Written notification of withdrawal from a training program must be provided by a client to apply for a refund for a course. This may be via letter, email or the completion of the refund form.
  5. There is no refund applicable where a client has commenced their course/unit.
  6. There is no refund to participants who do not obtain their qualification after assessment.
  7. There is no refund for recognition of prior learning assessments after enrolment, where recognition resources and services have been supplied to the client.
  8. Enhance Training does not accept liability for loss or damage suffered in the event of withdrawal from a course by a client.
  9. Enhance Training provides a full refund to all clients, should there be a need for Enhance Training to cancel a course. In the first instance Enhance Training will (where possible) provide an opportunity for the client to attend another scheduled course.
  10. If Enhance Training cancels a course, clients do not have to apply for a refund, Enhance Training will process the refunds automatically.
  11. Refunds for cancellation of enrolments are granted on a sliding scale (See Below 3.1 & 3.2).
3.1 Short Courses & Skill Sets

Refunds for enrolments in individual classroom based courses will be calculated in accordance with the following sliding scale.

Reason for Refund Notification requirements Refund
Client withdraws In writing, eight (8) calendar days or more prior to the course commencement 100% of the course fee (paid by the client)
Client withdraws In writing, within seven (7) calendar days prior to the course commencement. 75% of the full course fee (regardless of how much the Client has already paid)
Client withdraws In writing, less than 24 hours prior to course commencement. Nil Refund
Client withdrawn from the course by Enhance Training After course commencement, due to inappropriate behaviour Nil Refund
Course cancelled by Enhance Training 100% of the course fee (paid by the client)


a) A fee equal to 25 % of the full fee is charged where cancellations occur within seven (7) days before commencement of an enrolled course or assessment.
b) Fees are refunded in full where the client submits in writing reason for withdrawal, eight (8) days or more prior to commencement of an enrolled course or assessment.


3.2 Qualifications / Accredited Courses

Refunds for enrolments on nationally recognised qualifications (workplace based/traineeships) and accredited courses are subject to the following refund formula.

Fee Type Description Fee $$
Enrolment cancellation fee RTO administrative processes for processing of enrolment, reporting and other administrative actions related to cancellation $150.00 per qualification
Unit Fee – Commenced For all individual units commenced/attended/ completed from within the qualification /Accredited course Full Unit fee payable by the client
Nil Refund
Unit Fee – Not Commenced For all individual units NOT commenced/attended/ completed from within the qualification /Accredited course Full Unit fee paid by the client is refunded


4. Enhance Training Responsibilities

The Training Manager, with the support of the RTO Compliance Officer and Administration team, is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.
The Finance and Administration Manager of the Hessel Group will process refund requests within 1 week from the day of receipt.


5. Access & Equity

The Enhance Training Access & Equity Policy applies. (See Access & Equity Policy)


6. Records Management

All documentation from Refund processes are maintained in accordance with Records Management Policy. (See Records Management Policy)


7. Monitoring and Improvement

All Refund practices are monitored by the RTO Compliance Officer and areas for improvement identified and acted upon. (See Continuous Improvement Policy)



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