Get Paid to Study. The Hessel GTO Experience

Posted on August 04, 2021
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We’ve had a wonderful story come in from one of our trainees who is undergoing a traineeship with Hessel GTO. Viktoria Knight has been studying a Certificate III in Business Administration and is at the halfway mark of her on-the-job training with Enhance Training RTO 40387. Below, Viktoria shares her traineeship experience so far:

The Traineeship Experience

When I first started, I didn’t have many expectations of the role I would be doing, or the studying side of the traineeship. I was just happy to be employed during COVID-19, while also being paid and well supported to study.

The first few weeks of the traineeship were incredible. I was introduced to the role, my co-workers, who provided me with the starting information, the background of the company, and where we plan on taking my role as the trainee. I also sat down 1 on 1 with my Trainer from Qualify Training RTO 41114 and we outlined what I would be doing, the catch-ups, when to contact each other, and the support options if I required them.

We spoke about performance levels and what was expected of me while I studied. From there, I knew I could contact my trainer when I needed support or had any questions.

A few months into the traineeship, I was provided with more of a workload. This was incredible, it helped me figure out how to better my time management skills, act professionally and how to clearly communicate what I was doing with my co-workers.

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My Thoughts So Far

Being 6 months into the amazing traineeship, I look back at my progress on how far I have come, and it puts a smile on my face. Starting this role, I was terrified to answer the phone, now it is one of my best qualities. I have excellent ongoing support from my work colleagues and trainer to complete my traineeship.

I can work in different areas across the business and handle more of a heavier workload, to when I first started when I wasn’t as confident in what I was doing. I understand when a task needs to be done and meet deadlines. It’s amazing how quickly you learn and grow when you put in the effort. To get the results you must work hard and want to be successful.

Final Words

I would recommend a traineeship with the Hessel GTO to anyone who is unsure about the field they are looking for. It is so beneficial, and you are supported by everyone within the company and your trainer. It goes for 12 months and that time flies by.

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