Always Growing, Always Learning

Posted on January 15, 2021
Australian Centre for Business Growth 17 Dec 2020 Teresa Tanya Darrel

This year presented the opportunity for Hessel Group to participate in the Growing SA’s Companies Program with Australian Centre for Business Growth at the University of South Australia. Tanya Cole, Darrel Tan and Teresa Santillo participated in the 9 month intensive modular program that focused on developing the skills and strategies required to lead, manage and accelerate business growth.

Through a difficult year, the program provided an excellent networking base and sounding board with other growing businesses where we could share positive outcomes and how we overcame obstacles on the way. A proud moment was winning the Director’s award for Best Strategic Move. Many strategies learned through the course were actioned as we successfully launched Hessel Group Training Organisation this month, a business that collaborates to support the growing social care sector in South Australia.

Hessel Group is proud to have graduated with Seed Terminator, City Realty, Physioactive SA, URPS and Yates Electrical Services.