Hessel Group Training Organisation (Hessel GTO) makes it simple for businesses to take on trainees.

Whether you need to fill a skills gap or meet peak workloads we have enthusiastic trainees ready to learn and excel within your organisation.

We specialise in managing traineeships for the social care sector including aged care, disability support, home and community living and early childhood education and care. We also have business administration and trainer/assessor trainees working across many sectors in South Australia.

We place Hessel GTO trainees with host employers where they can take their nationally recognised training and skills into the work place and gain the practical experience to enhance their learning.

While organisations can build their skilled workforce pipeline with trainees learning from their experienced staff.

What is a Group Training Organisation?

As a Group Training Organisation (GTO) we employ trainees and place them with organisations to be their host employer.

We take care of the host employer's contractual and administrative responsibilities including recruitment, payroll, superannuation and annual leave. Hessel GTO provides full circle support for both the trainee and the host employer during the traineeship.

We help businesses fill skill gaps and trainees to make a successful transition into the workforce, commencing a rewarding career.

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What Hessel GTO Does:

  • Advertise, screen, interview and select the trainee with the host employer's input
  • Arrange the training provider and establish the training plan
  • Manage all the government paperwork for the traineeship including the training contract
  • Provide a dedicated Field Officer to provide support throughout the process to both the Host Employer and the Trainee

For Host Employers

Hessel GTO has trainees available now ready to help your business and build your skilled workforce pipeline.

We specialise in the selection, recruitment and placement of trainees in the social care sector. Hessel GTO can present your business with a quality selection of trainee profiles. You select the candidates to progress to interview, decide on those you wish to proceed with and we'll look after the rest.

It's our joint responsibility to upskill our industry and ensure the future quality care for all South Australians, contact Gillian Elleway on 8462 0222 to discuss how trainees can impact your organisation.

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Benefits for businesses:

  • Trainees are ready to earn and learn - so you can spend less time and effort on recruitment
  • Trainees are excited to commence their career
  • Reduced personnel administration costs and time
  • There is no obligation to retain the trainee once the traineeship is complete
  • Quality assured. The Hessel GTO program is fully accredited with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations
  • Building a skilled workforce pipeline

3 Reasons to hire a trainee


For Trainees

Hessel GTO Trainees:

  • Study for a nationally recognised qualification through a registered training organsiation (RTO)
  • Are placed with a host organisation to work up to 30 hours per week (depending on part-time/full-time)
  • Take the skills learned in training to their workplace
  • Earn an income from day one.

How does it work?

Hessel GTO employs you as a trainee and finds a host organisation for you to complete your on-the-job training. Our strong industry partnerships mean you can be confident that you will receive excellent opportunities from organisations looking to grow their skilled staffing pipelines.

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Benefits for trainees:

  • Earning an income while training for a nationally recognised qualification and gaining valuable experience in the field
  • Confidence that you will be placed with a quality, industry leading organisation
  • All round support from Hessel GTO, your Host Employer, your RTO and government agencies
  • Future career opportunities

Available Traineeships

Hessel GTO specialises in traineeships for South Australia's social care sector as a business under the Hessel Group organisation who has been providing care solutions, training and education since 1998. During this time we have developed strong partnerships with industry-leading employers which helps us to support our trainees and connects them with the most sought after employers in the industry.

Who can apply?

Traineeships are the ideal entry to a new and rewarding career. Hessel GTO has trainees of all ages and experiences currently working in disability support, aged care, early childhood education & care, business administration and we also have trainee trainer and assessors.

If you're looking for a career with purpose, we want to see your resume and cover letter. Tell us why you want to work in social care and why we should interview you for a traineeship opportunity. Are you ready to earn while you learn and be supported to succeed? Follow the link below.

About Hessel GTO

Hessel Group has been providing care and training for South Australians since 1998. We are proud to offer Group Training services to help trainees succeed in their careers and for businesses to experience the benefits of trainees without the administrative overheads.

Let's work together to ensure the future care of all South Australians by building a skilled workforce pipeline.

Learn more about who we are and why you should partner with Hessel GTO.

Are you ready to work with Hessel GTO? Contact a Hessel GTO Field Officer today!

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