Social Work and Key Work

What is Social Work?

Our Social Workers focus on maintaining and enhancing your quality of life in a range of settings to facilitate empowerment and assist you. Our work includes individual planning, counselling, coordination, and case management, as well as advocacy.

Our Social Workers facilitate your empowerment (and that of your family and community) to achieve your needs, goals, and aspirations.

The role of the Social Worker focuses on the following:
  • Information and advice to navigate services and access resources
  • Individual and family assessments in order to offer appropriate support in services
  • Counselling, emotional support and therapy
  • Support to assist with life transitions in areas such as high school, accommodation, vocational placements, etc
  • Education on understanding relationships and friendships
  • Conflict resolution for individuals, families, and carers
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What is a Key Worker?

A Key Worker is an early childhood intervention professional and maybe an Early Childhood Special Educator, Occupational Therapist, or Psychologist. Your Key Worker becomes the main contact for all the family’s needs and is the person you see and talk to the most.

Our Key Workers use a family-centred approach. We understand how important it is to work in partnership with families. Working in partnerships gives families choice and control about how to support their child.

Your Key Worker helps your child’s life by providing you with:
  • Support in meeting with an NDIS planner
  • Guidance to make informed decisions about your child’s development
  • Assistance in developing goals with you for your child which focus on your priorities
  • Support to embed goals for learning in your everyday activities and routines
  • Support to access local community services and activities, e.g. childcare, school, shopping centre, local park, sports groups
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Age Range

People of all ages are eligible to have this service, except the key worker service is only available for children under 7.


You may either choose to have these sessions occur in our clinics, the client’s home, educational/ vocational facility or in the community.

Diana Uribe
Behaviour Specialist / Support Worker

Diana completed her Master Social Work in 2017 at the Flinders University. Diana has a special interest in behavioural analysis and is passionate about developing partnerships and building systems collaborations to address systemic responses to individuals.

Diana is an accredited Clinical and Family Violence Social Worker with extensive experience working with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Non-Aboriginal clients. Diana has worked in Early Childhood, Disability and Social Services sector for over 10 years; this has included providing clinical expertise for individuals and their families with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and PTSD and working with people who are at risk of suicide, are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs or have experienced trauma and loss.

In previous roles Diana has supported the development of program implementation and evaluation measurement tools and frameworks and her approach to intervention is to use current and traditional best practice tailored to the needs of the individual and their families and carers.

With her clients, Olga works within a holistic framework and incorporates techniques such as mindfulness, behaviour modification, and emotional regulation amongst others; in order for individuals to reach their full potential and in turn, bring about positive behavior.


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