Meet one of our Disability Support workers!

20 June 2019 | Care & Support, General, Training

Meet one of our passionate Disability Support workers!

Being a disability support worker can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles. They make an immense difference to the lives of many people under their care by helping them build independence every day.

We would like to introduce you to Carly who has been working with Hessel Group for more than one year as a disability support worker. She has won a scholarship through her University and to travel to Myanmar working with disabled children and deliver programs to parents for children with Down Syndrome.

Here’s what she has to share!


Carly and Cathy (our Hessel Group workers) ready to depart for Myanmar.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Carly Thomson, I am 36 years old.  I am married with four children. A 17 year old daughter, 14 year old son and 3 year old twins. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work at Flinders University. I have been working with the Hessel Group for a little over a year and have worked both with children in residential care placements as well as in disability support. I have gained a diverse range of experience in my time working with the Hessel Group and have worked with children with complex needs and behaviours, histories of trauma, children facing the loss of a parent with a terminal illness and I have gained valuable skills and experience which will and does greatly assist me with my studies and my future social work career.  


How did you achieve this amazing scholarship?

I applied for the New Columbo Plan Project in early 2019 after attending an information session and hearing inspiring stories from previous participants. The process involved an application process in which I was required to detail my relevant experience, including my employment experience with the Hessel Group, as well as copies of my academic transcripts and references from professors. I was accepted into the program and given a scholarship to participate in the program. The New Columbo Plan is a government initiative which assists students studying at university to work within the Asia Pacific region. I will be working in five centres located in both Yangon and Mandalay designed to provide educational activities to children with physical and intellectual disabilities as well as a centre founded by parents of children with down syndrome. We will be providing educational activities for the children to participate in, donating learning materials and conducting work shops with parents.  


How would you describe how you currently feel about the scholarship?

I could not possibly be more excited and feel incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to travel to a country with such rich history, and to be able to work with these children and their families. I cannot wait to contribute and use the skills I have gained through my employment with the Hessel Group as well as through my studies to assist these families and their children to improve educational outcomes and quality of life for children with disabilities in Myanmar.

Carly and Cathy leaves for Myanmar today. We hope this has inspired you and we wish both of them the best! Stay tuned until later next month in July to find out the result of their trip! 🙂


Interested in working or studying with us?

Visit this link to find out more about being a Disability Support worker or visit this link to find out how you can study our Disability Support course.

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