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Travel to exotic locations, rub shoulders with the rich and famous…is this your dream job?

7 November 2017 | General

There are not many jobs that can offer the potential of first-class travel around the world and rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities.

But one dream job that does, and can be hugely rewarding at the same time is nannying. It might not always be the most obvious career choice, but there are compelling reasons why you should add it to your list for consideration.

While the majority of nanny roles won’t see you meeting the Queen or sunning yourself for days on end in the Bahamas, what it does offer is the incredible flexibility to apply your skill anywhere in the world.

It’s also a hugely rewarding career choice where every day can be a new adventure. You will form strong bonds and celebrate key milestone’s in the lives of the children you care for, many of which you will help to create.


The dream nanny jobs around the world

Time to dream

Let’s for a second imagine you did manage to achieve the dream of being a nanny to a high profile family, what might that look like?

Your mind is possibly conjuring up images of splitting your time between Hollywood mansions and countryside estates, first-class plane tickets to exotic destinations and rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities. And that vision is not too far from the truth for a select few nannies.

So, who are the nannies that find themselves in these dream jobs to the rich and famous?


Philippa Christian – Australian celebrity nanny

From humble beginnings working as a babysitter in Melbourne during her teens, Philippa has been the nanny for some of the most famous families in the world, with her first full-time employer being Australian cricket champion Shane Warne.

She has since worked for talk-show hosts, reality TV stars, Victoria Secret’s supermodels, professional sportsmen, musicians, movie producers and multinational company executives.

The dream nanny jobs around the world

Phillippa said being a nanny to celebrity families is a fun lifestyle, filled with holidays, five-star hotels, private yachts and the chance to meet other famous people along the journey.

“But all of the luxury and glamour does come at a cost. Working for families like these, you have no social life, you are worked very, very hard, and the expectations are extremely high,” she said.

However, all of that hard work is praised with a handsome pay package. In 2014, Philippa reported she earned $500,000 a year.

She has also used her experiences of working with the rich and famous to forge a career as an author.


Angela Jacobsen – Madonna’s former nanny turned businesswoman

Another Australian who has found herself alongside Hollywood’s A-List is Angela Jacobsen, who was a nanny to Madonna’s adopted son David Banda.

Now running her own business ‘Oz Super Nanny’, in New South Wales, she helps families choose nannies and other household assistance, and conducts in-home consultations to help with children’s sleeping and behavioural problems, toilet training and nutrition advice. Angela has used her experience working with children to write two books providing advice to new mothers.


Maria Borrallo – nanny to Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appointed Spanish nanny, Maria Borrallo, in 2014.

Throughout her time in the role, Maria has been side-by-side with the royal family during the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and travelled to Australia and New Zealand on official tours.

So, how does one find themselves in a position to take on the role of a royal nanny?

Marie is a graduate of Norland College, which is regarded as the ‘Harvard for nannies’. Along with detailed courses in psychology, child development and education, nannies are reportedly trained in stunt driving training to get away from paparazzi.


The dream nanny jobs around the world
Nanny hired to travel the world

In early 2017 a Utah couple, with three children, advertised for a nanny to join the family as they travel the world for a year. The couple would pay for the nanny’s travel expenses, food and accommodation and provide a salary between US$1200 and US$1500 per month.

The trip began in July 2017 heading to New York City, then onto Italy, Spain, Turkey and Germany – just to name a few of the European cities they will visit. In December, the nanny will be given a two-week break before beginning the second leg of the worldwide trip to Hawaii, New Zealand and Asia.

The nanny’s role is to care for the couple’s children aged five, three and four-months-old, and home school the eldest child, as well as assist with cooking and packing.

On the back of their ad there was a two-week application period that saw more than 24,000 applicants.



Why nannying could be your dream job no matter who you work for

Whether it’s with royals, Hollywood stars or a loving Adelaide family, being a nanny is an incredibly important role and one where you are responsible for the physical, emotional and educational wellbeing of children.

Yes, taking care of children has its challenges, with crying babies and toddler tantrums – but most days, it is a very rewarding position.

Nanny’s experience the key milestone’s of the child’s life, form strong bonds not only with the child but their whole family, and every day is different – whether you are teaching the children to draw, playing dress-ups, or joining the kids on exciting day trips to the beach and zoo.

What is even more appealing is that nanny roles are available in every city in the world… and you never know where these jobs will take you!


To begin your journey as a nanny in Adelaide there are a variety of short courses, which are available through the Hessel Group, as well as employment opportunities in family environments.

To find out about the short courses and training in early childhood offered by the Hessel Group click here or enquire about current job vacancies click here.


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