Foundation Newborn Care Specialist Program

Foundation Newborn Care Specialist Program

Are you a Nanny or Doula who would like to expand your knowledge and practical skills to become a specialist newborn carer?

Or are you soon to become a parent or already with a newborn who would like the confidence and skills to know what exactly your newborn may need and how to approach it?

Then this Foundation Newborn Care Specialist Program is designed for you!


You will receive online access to 19 comprehensive online learning modules and learn:

  • How to care for newborn babies
  • How to confidently respond to common newborn needs
  • How to care for prematurely born babies & multiples
  • Effective sleep & swaddling training
  • Conditions such as food allergies, tongue tie, reflux, postpartum care
  • And much more!


Worried you won’t be able to put your online skills to practice? We have you covered with our bonus package of 2 extensive face-to-face practical sessions, each being 6 hours long to support you to develop your practical skills, provide resources and information for newborn feeding and sleep training.

The first face-to-face practical session will be held on the 25th of May between 9:30am – 3:30pm at Enhance Training.

Your own specialised trainer will be available to support you with both your online and face-to-face learning. Giving you a simple learning experience, ensuring you can fully connect and achieve the most out of this program.


Career Opportunities and Pathways

Be recognised as a Certified Newborn Care Specialist and apply for your CACHE Certificate after the completion of this course. As a newborn care specialist, you have opportunities to become employed specifically in newborn care.


For further details, you can enquire on this page or call our office on 8462 0222 who can assist you!



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